Javascript Date Time Picker - Release History

JavaScript Date Time Picker

Release History

Date Version Descriptions
1.0 First Release.
1.1 Allow user to customise month selector. It can be either in "Drop Down List" form or "Arrow" form. Support Mozilla Firebird.
1.5 Modified "Arrow" type Month/Year scroller, supports date format in yyyy/mm/dd or yyyy/mmm/dd.
1.6 Preceding zero added to date and month of dd/MM/yyyy,MM/dd/yyyy or yyy/MM/dd formats. If you like to turn off this feature, please set "PrecedeZero" flag to "false". "PrecedeZero" is one of the configurable parameters in datetimepicker.js file
1.7 Only today's date or existing textbox's date will be highlighted. Users allowed to set to if Monday or Sunday to be first day of a week.
1.7.1 Bug fixed. Monday cell will not be highlighted if Monday is set to be first day of the week
1.7.2 Improvement. Accept single digit hour value. Hour value must be in 2 digits in the previous version.
Bug Fixed. Calendar does not remember AM or PM in the previous version.
1.7.3 Bug Fixed. The calendar window will be focused even when you invoke Date Time picker subsequently before you close the previous calendar.
1.8 Improvement. Allow users to hide seconds(s) in any time format. Calendar able to parse existing date time even datetimeper is configured without date separator.
1.8.1 Bug fixed. Version 1.8 does not interpret the existing minutes correctly.
1.8.2 Support Opera 7.54
1.8.3 Fine tune width of pop-up window and calendar cell to support Firefox
2.0.0 Calendar in CSS, no longer in popup window.
2.0.1 It now works in IE8
2.0.2 Somehow it failed to work in IE8 at certain point of time, anyway, it works again. Thanks Olivier.
2.0.3 Bug Fixed. Thanks Dom De Felice
1. When the text box displaying your date/time is disabled the calendar won't disappear (at least in Internet Explorer 8.0).
2. When changing the hour/minute and clicking on the "x": the date/time text box doesn't update. (This feature has been removed in 2.1 due to certain issue)
2.1.0 Bug Fixed. Thanks Oliver Spata
1. CSS fixes (like using 'width' without 'px')
2. The table cells for the days now have a mouseover effect, and the arrow buttons of the time input fields now behave like Spinners from Java, meaning you can keep the mouse pressed instead of having to click repeatedly. Oliver also fixed the dragging which was not working with Internet Explorer, However, still not perfected in IE8.
2.1.1 The problem with version 2.1.0 was the date time picker will fill a value when you hit the close button without selecting any date. So, I've got to change it back in the way when nothing is to be filled in the text field when no date is click.
You can now configure Start Year and End Year with parameters at the header.
2.2.1 Added "OK" and "Cancel" button for Date Time mode. Date mode has a close button.
Added onClick event handler when user click on up and down arrow to increase or decrease Hour or Minute.
fixed some bugs
Now, you can adjust position of Calendar relative to textbox using "CalPosOffsetX" and "CalPosOffsetY" global variable.
The value of Global variable "EndYear" does matter
Configure path of images of this javascript with variable "imageFilesPath"
2.2.2 User can now choose to enable only future date or past date at instance level.
2.2.3 The 12AM bug is now fixed.
2.2.4 Switch to FreeBSD License from GNU 3.0 Public License.