Cyrstal Reports Commandline Exporter - Download

Crystal Reports Commandline Exporter


In order to use Crystal Reports Exporter, you need to have Microsoft .NET framework 4 and Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework 4.

Prerequisite Download

Download Crystal Reports Exporter

crexport.exe (32kb) or Compressed version (9kb)

If .NET Framework 4 is NOT installed

If you computer doesn't have the Microsoft .NET framework 4 (not any version earlier) installed, you are very likely to hit this message when you first run crexport.exe.

error if .NET not installed

If Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET framework 4 is NOT installed

Crystal Reports Exporter making use of the rich Crystal Reports libraries to produce report output. If the right Crystal Reports runtime engine isn't installed in your computer, you will hit by miserable message as below picture.

error if runtime not installed