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I have been receiving emails from users around the world from time to time and I did try to help the best I could.

Unfortunately, when this small software is installed in your environment, there are hundreds, if not thousands of reasons to make something not to work accordingly.

The truth is, I have a full-time job and do not really have the time to look into every problem individually.

Not only that, this small software is built on Crystal Report engine that specifically written for Microsoft .NET, as you may also aware, Crystal Reports is not a Microsoft Product, there are some incompatibility between the original Crystal Reports library and the .NET based Crystal Reports library.

If you are developer or you know about .NET programming, please feel free to download the source code. You can fix the bug that you encountered and probably enhance it to suit your taste.

Source Code of Crystal Reporter Exporter 2.0 (Created with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010)

I wish you a nice day ahead.